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Why do I get an Error Log email with "Program/Area: 707...."

This error is logged using an Process Builder that was supposed to be disabled as part of a Post Upgrade Step.

A new method of logging these has now been implemented and provides more details.  

Please disable the old process builder by:

  • Navigate to setup (cog top right) - Quick Find "Process Builder" and click into that option.
  • Locate Process "BatchApexErrorEvent" and click on the ">"
  • press the "Deactivate" Link

In the Email, there is a value in the Program/Area that starts with "707...".  Copy this value and use that for the instead for the "Request Id" in FAQ: Why do I get and Error Log email with a subject beginning with "Apex Batch Error, Exception: ..." | Payments2Us - Frequently Asked Questions | Payments2Us Manuals