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Why am I not receiving Workflow/Flow email notifications?

1. Check Email Deliverability is Enabled

Navigate to:

  1. Setup (Top right)
  2. Search "deliverability"
  3. Click on "Deliverability" menu option
  4. Review Access Level and make sure it is set to All Email.  (NOTE, sandbox generation always sets this to System email only)

2. Check the Criteria in the Workflow(s)/Flow(s) to make sure they match the data

Review the Workflow or Flow criteria and make sure the data on the triggering record matches the criteria.

For example, see the criteria in Why we are not receiving Large Donations email notification?

3. Check Batch Processor is Running

If the batch processor is not running, then the workflows could be triggered with the sites user and therefore do not have the level of access required.  Please make sure the Batch Processor is running.  Perhaps Stop/Start it if it is already running.

4. Check Email Logs

Navigate to:

  1. Setup (top right)
  2. Search "email log"
  3. Click on "Email Log Files" menu option
  4. Request an email log.  Enter a day or so prior to when you expected this to be sent and a day after

Once you have a log file, try to locate the recipient email that you were expecting to see the alert sent to.

If you find the email in the log, then Salesforce attempted to send it.  If you did not receive this, then this means your email server has blocked it.  Please contact your email administrator and ask them to fix.  

It might be they need to whitelist Salesforce servers - for more information on this check the Salesforce help guides, or Contact Salesforce support.

5. Contact Salesforce Support

If all of the above are checked and you are still not receiving the email alerts, you NEED TO contact Salesforce support.  There is no more guidance that we can suggest.