NAB Transact

1. Why are we getting "CRN does not exist" error on checkout form?

Please check if the sharing rules have been setup properly. Especially check for the Recurring Payments Sharing Settings.

Add Recurring Payments Sharing Settings

Note: this is applicable if the error is in the Payment Gateway Response Desc

2. Why can I not see details such as email in NAB Transact?

We pass as many details as we possibly can to NAB Transact.  The integration options are very limited an email is not an item that is available to us.

We do pass in the "Billing Token" field form the Payment Txn to the Transaction Reference (aka Purchase Order No.) field in NAB Transact.

All reporting should be completed from within Salesforce.  This will have all the details you need, including Email address.  

The use of NAB Transact login should be in the very rare circumstance of an issue between NAB Transact and Salesforce reconciling.

3. NAB have asked us to review their Risk Management settings in NAB Transact

If NAB have asked you to review their Risk Management settings in NAB  Transact and adjust  them to meet the Payments2Us security and ensure the Payments2Us Risk  software is compatible with the NAB Transact Risk settings, then please note:

  • These settings are in addition to ours.  The most restrictive of either NAB Transact settings or our settings will be used.  Our settings are applied first before submitting the transactions to NAB Transact.
  • We do have a number of settings that are configurable, such as the Risk and IP Management.
  • Salesforce as a platform also provides a number of inbuilt security controls that we leverage.

To answer this question, the you can use the NAB Transact settings in conjunction with ours.  If the NAB settings are less restrictive than PaymentsUs settings then the Payments2Us settings will apply.

Sample below of NAB Transact Risk Settings that you may be asked to confirm.

4. I received an email from Nab Transact "Changes are coming to your NAB Transact Service"

If you have received an email from NAB Transact advising on ciphers decommissioned update and to ask your Technical Teams to take action, then the following applies:

  • We do not believe this will impact our customers as all the request goes from the Salesforce servers and not from Payments2Us. Also, Salesforce requires that Cipher Suites used for outbound calls meet security standards. Currently, TLS version v1.2 is supported as Cipher Suites for Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Services outbound calls.For more information refer to Salesforce article
  • Should we have any news or updates, this FAQ will be updated.  So, please check back before the proposed go live date of 12th Oct 2023