1. How do I enable eCheck for once-off payments?

On the Merchant Facility, select "eCheck Once-off" in the "Payment Gateway Options" field

2. When do eCheck's settle?

eChecks can take up to 6 days to clear and settle into your bank account.  The Payment Txn will have a status of "eCheck Pending" until it is settled.

When the daily Recurring Payment Processor finishes, a second process is started that checks for transactions over the last 7 days to see if the transaction have settled successfully or not.  The Payment Txn status is updated to "Payment Complete" if the transaction was successful and "Error" if it was not.  The transaction check processor also updates the Payment Txn field "Settlement Date/Time" and assigns the Batch Id to "Payer Id" field.

For more on eCheck settlements, see How does the eCheck.Net settlement process work?

3. eCheck Payment Txn's are stuck at the status of "eCheck Pending" and/or Banked Payment is not going to YES

Please see the FAQ Above "When do eChecks's settle".
The Recurring Payment Process MUST be started, even if you are not using Recurring Payments.  The Recurring Payment Processor when finished then triggers another processor that checks for eChecks being settled and will then mark the transactions as Payment Complete or Error.

See FAQ on starting batch processors (but select the one for "Recurring Payment Processor")

4. I'm getting Error "Authorisation Failed: User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values"

This is an error message returned from  It generally means you have the wrong username/password details entered in the Merchant Facility Tab in Salesforce.  Or, you may have the Environment on the Merchant Facility incorrectly set (Production/Sandbox).

Please note, the "Sandbox" environment is used with accounts located at:  If you are using a production account, but in "Test Mode", then this will most likely require the environment to still be set to Production.  When "Test Mode" is enabled, will only allow test cards to be used.

If using and environment of Sandbox, please make sure "Test Mode" is also set in the portal.

5. error “The FDC Merchant ID or Terminal ID is incorrect.  Call Merchant Service Provider”

To take a payment, you need 3 components.

  1. An Online form/App - This is Payments2Us (Payments2Us also includes receipting, deduplication, events, memberships etc).
  2. A Payment Gateway. This connects the form with the card holders bank - no matter where they are on the planet and transfers the funds to the Merchant Facility.
  3. A Merchant Facility. This is like a line of credit. If the card holder queries the transaction, the funds go back to the card holder form the merchant facility.

The Merchant Facility then puts the funds into your bank.

For item 2, your organisation has selected

For item 3, this can be with or any other provider of Merchant Services.

You will also see in the error message "The FDC Merchant ID or Terminal ID is incorrect. Call Merchant Service Provider" that says to contact the "Merchant Service Provider" - This is what is described in item 3 above.

You will see when signing up for that they have the option of item 2 only OR item 2+3 -

So, you need to contact and ask them to add/setup a Merchant Facility. Or, ask them for guidance on how you get this setup.

6. error - "authorizeNetSettledTransProcessor.processGetTransactions".

After the recurring payment run, we do a check for direct debits(eChecks) / cards that have settled. 

The processor has run and has found transactions that do not have a corresponding entry in Salesforce hence the error.

This could be as you are doing payments with in another system and not just Payments2us/Salesforce, then the transactions do not exist in Salesforce.  When we do a check, we cannot locate those payments and mark them off.

- The other product has created the transaction

- Payments2us is checking for all transactions in  That transaction does not exist, so is reporting it as an error.

The error message includes the Trans Id.  You can use that to locate the transaction in

7. error - "Bill to first name is required" when doing a Refund.

This is an error message returned by not Payments2us. Please login to your account and check if you have First Name as required field.

Also if the payment is not settled please do a refund by checking the Void field in the refund screen.