All Payment Gateways

1. What Payment Gateways are available to use with Payments2Us?

Currently Payments2Us is available with:

Windcave (formally Payment Express) -

Stripe -

Authorize.Net -

NAB Transact -

EziDebit -

Global Payments Oceania -

DataTrans -

Please see the what are the differences between payment gateway article.

If you have any queries regarding other payment gateways, please email [email protected]

2. How can I handle credit card and paypal on the same Payment Form. Do I need to have two webhooks on the same Payment Form?

Your question might also look like " I have Stripe and Paypal both option on Payment Form and I do need both to be configured both on single form but payment form only gives me the  option of single webhook key.  It seems that you either need to go with Stripe or with  Paypal, but the solutions is to use a different payment form for each.  Attached a picture of the form's section."


Whilst the webhooks are specified at the Payment Form level, they are NOT specific to that Payment Form.  You can create two Payment Forms, one for Stripe, one for PayPal and enter the corresponding webhook in each respective Payment Form.
So you would specify Stripe and the Stripe Webhook Secret Key on Payment Form 1.

And specify PayPal and the PayPal Webhook Secret Key on Payment Form 2.

You can then use Stripe or PayPal as checkout options with with Payment Form.

3. How do we setup a test Merchant Facility?

The simplest way is to use the Create Samples from the About Payments2Us Tab.  This will generate a DEMO FACILITY in the merchant facility tab and that will have a test account.

If you have created a Full or Partial Sandbox and that has included copies of your Merchant Facility, then you will first need go to the Merchant Facility Tab, then rename the DEMO FACILITY or delete it.  Then use the Create Samples again from the Merchant Facility.

If you want to test using your payment gateway specific, vs. the Windcave generated one, or you wish to see the transactions in the Payment Gateways online portal, then you will need to contact the Payment Gateway directly and setup your own test account.  Most Payment Gateway providers provide an online option for this, some require you to lodge a support request.

If in a newly generated sandbox, you may wish to review the Sandbox FAQ on Sandboxes.

TIP: If creating / generating a new new test/demo facility, you will most likely need to re-authorise Payments2Us.

4. A credit card is being declined and it should not happen

Payments2Us integrates with a Payment Gateway.  The Payment Gateway is what validates and charges a card.  The success/response is recorded back in Salesforce (1).  

For some gateways, such as Windcave, you need to get card types as Amex or Diners setup as a separate Merchant Facility.  Contact [email protected] if using Windcave payment gateway only.

For all other Payment Gateways, you'll need to contact the payment gateway provider directly.  Provide them the date/time, amount, card holder name and transaction references (2).  They will be able to provide you with a reason of why the card was declined.