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Why am I getting the Error Company Name must be entered?

An error has appeared on the payment membership form requiring Company Name, but there's no field to fill out that information. How do I fix it?

A: If the membership type selected is set to the Account Level, then a company name to match with an account is required. 

The Payment Options can be found in the Payment form, and the levels can be viewed there if you are unsure.

To enable the Company Name field:

1. Go into the Payment Form, and go to the Donation section. 

2. Check that the Enable Donation By box is ticked, and the Donation by Options has Company and/or Organisation is selected. 

Note: If you select the Individual option also, it'll use the contact name entered in the the payment rather than the new field being available.

When the Company or Organisation option is selected in the online form, the field will be made visible. 

Note: This does not make Option to Donate available, even though it's in that section. That option will need the Enable Donation With box ticked if you would like this option available.