What fields are required to import tokenised cards?

When importing and uploading you should try and include as much contact information information as possible.  This will help for the matching de-duplication.

As a minimum the following are required:

  • Last Name
  • Billing Token
  • Payment Gateway Customer ProfileId for some payment gateways (e.g. Stripe)  
  • Frequency
  • Amount or Donation Amount - e.g. $1

Recommended additional fields

  • First Name
  • Email
  • Phone and/or MobilePhone
  • Address (in particular city/suburb)
  • Start Date (if you want to start in the future - see note below)

If you are looking at importing cards that have already been charged and you'd like the next payment to be scheduled, then you will need to set the (Payment Day to not be todays day of the month OR Start Date as a future date) AND have the "Enable Recurring" on the Payment Form set to "Yes - Tokenise on Signup, Charge on Selected Date"

If you are looking for more help, then contact support @ payments2us.com for a request to purchase premium support or consulting services.

It is very important that your "Import Type Template" starts with "Credit Card - ".  This sets the Payments Source to "Credit Card" and ensures processing works as designed.