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I'm having trouble Authenticating the App (Payments2Us)

Check and Try the following:

  1. Delete the DEMO FACILITY in the Merchant Facility Tab, then create a new one with Create Samples.  Then set the DEMO FACILITY to both Primary and Active.
  2. Log out of your instance of Salesforce.  Close the Browser, Log back in and try again.  If you are running multiple instances/sandbox in the same browser type then this may we make a difference.
  3. Make sure the user authenticating the App has the Payments2Us Admin Permission Set assigned to them.
  4. Check the Remote Site settings is correctly setup.  You may need to use the Manual Method for setting up the Remote Site Settings.
    Salesforce may have moved your instance onto a new pod and this now needs updating.
  5. Check the Payments2Us Error Log