Why are receipts not being sent?

If you are not receiving a receipt, then please check the following:

1. Send Receipt Option

On the Payment Form, there is a field called Send Receipt that determines if a Receipt is to be sent or skipped.  See procedure How to skip recurring receipts, stop receipts, manually send receipts and or select other Send Receipt options

2. Check for custom Workflows in your instance for sending receipts

An administrator of your Salesforce instance may have created their own Workflow rules for sending Receipts.  For some notes on how this is setup, please see procedure: I want to send a different email template and receipt for a specific Payment Form/Campaign. How do I do that?

The Workflows that come delivered standard with Payments2Us and activated are located:

  • Under setup (cog - top right)
  • search "Workflow Rules" and click into the menu option
  • sort the view of workflow rules by Object.  The locate those against the "Payment Txn".

The following are set as active for Receipting:

  • Send Receipt Manual
  • send Receipt Automatic
  • Send Interum Receipt
  • mark Refunds as Receipted for Matching
  • Send from Button - Resend receipt
  • skip Receipt Automatic

If your Salesforce administrator has de-activated any of the workflows above or created any of their own Flows/Workflows to replace the ones delivered, then these are outside the scope of our standard support.  You will need one of our premium support services for more assistance.

3. Check Error Logs - Payments2Us

Navigate to the Error Log - Payments2Us and check for any error messages that may have been logged here.

The most common ones are where the Letter Body has had the merge fields incorrectly entered.  To avoid this, we recommend the Receipt Letter Body be setup using the Letter Builder.

4. Check for issues with Salesforce sending emails