EziDebit Specific

1. Do you use or update the Plan in EziDebit?

Payments2Us does not use, create or update the plan in EziDebit.
Payments2Us uses the "plan" / schedule on the Recurring Payment.  The Recurring Payment Processor that runs each morning will generate and charge Cards/Direct Debits that are due on that day.

2. Do you charge the Direct Debit account holder when they sign up?

No, the online setup form is used to tokenise the account details and to create the Recurring Payment Schedule.
For EziDebit, the Recurring Payment is automatically marked as Active.  The Recurring Payment Processor will generate a charge on the Next Payment Date.

3. Why Payment TXN Errors with message “Invalid value provided for the 'DebitDate' parameter. The Date cannot be more than 30 days in the past and valid values are in the format of 'YYYY-MM-DD'”?

This error occurs if the attempted charge date is more than 30 days of the Transaction date on the Payment Txn.

4. How can we process Credit Card payments without CVV?

You can use Transact Payment to process cards without CVV. See Transact Payment for more information.

5. Why do I get the error "You must provide a value for either the ‘EziDebitCustomerID’ parameter or the ‘YourSystemReference’ "?

This error occurs when the "Payment Gateway Customer Profile Id" on the Recurring Record is blank.

The most common reason for this is the Recurring Record was created manually and the Account Details were updated manually rather than via the Update Account Details button.

To solve this,

1. Update the field with Contract Id from Ezidebit for the payee, if payee exists in Ezidebit.


2. If payee does not exist in Ezidebit then Update the Account details via Update Account Details button.

See link Section 5


6. Why am I getting the error "Error 102 Invalid Digital Key"?

(1) The Invalid digital key error is mostly associated with keys wrongly entered on the Merchant Facility.

Please make sure you have the values correctly entered as below.

1.       Enter the EziDebit Supplied "Public Key" into the "Payment Gateway User Id" field

2.       Enter the EziDebit Supplied "Digital Key" into the "Payment Gateway Password" field




(2) Organization Id on the Merchant Facility is incorrect. Please check if you have the correct Organization Id entered


If this does not solve the issue, you can contact Ezidebit  to make sure the keys provided is for Ezidebit Production/ Ezidebit Sandbox.


(3) Your "Environment" field on the Merchant Facility is set incorrectly.  For example, this should have "Production" when using live Credentials.


(4) You have entered the Username/Password for the EziDebit online portal.  The digital key is different; please contact EziDebit for the Digital keys for integration.

7. Why do we get an error "No public key has been specified"

This is most likely due to the "Payment Gateway Password" being Incorrect.  Please refer to article "Why am I getting the error "Error 102 Invalid Digital Key" for more details.

8. Why do we get an Error Log with Program Area of "EziDebitUtil.TestPublicKey" and Subject of "invalid key"?

This is most likely due to the "Payment Gateway Password" being Incorrect.  Please refer to article "Why am I getting the error "Error 102 Invalid Digital Key" for more details.

9. Why do I get an error "Unknown error found whilst processing Credit Card" when selecting a recurring frequency?

Please check the EziDebit portal as the payment may have been made.

This is most likely due to the "Payment Gateway Password " being Incorrect.  This error will occur if username is entered into both the "Payment Gateway User" AND the "Payment Gateway Password" fields.  

Please check the EziDebit  setup article for where/how to enter the keys provided by EziDebit.

Please refer to article "Why am I getting the error "Error 102 Invalid Digital Key" for more details.

10. Why am I getting the error "EziDebitUtil.TestPublicKey, try/catch : Unexpected character ('<' (code 60)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, 'true', 'false' or 'null') at input location [1,2]"?

This looks like EziDebit did not respond or came back with an error when we tried to generate a one time key for the integration.

Should this be once off or very sporadic then it can be ignored. If not, we'll need EziDebit to investigate as their servers are not responding in a timely manner or responding with incorrect information.

11. With EziDebit credit card transactions that are processed through the Batch Processor, are they considered "Online/real-time" Online payments for businesses  or "Direct Debit" Direct Debit Payment Solution

We maintain the Credit Card and Direct Debit schedule in Salesforce and do not use the EziDebit Inbuild recurring billing.

For Recurring Payments, we use the ProcessRealTimeTokenPayment EziDebit API for Credit Cards and the AddPaymentUnique  EziDebit API for Direct Debits

12. Why is the Payment Txn stuck with a status of Direct Debit Processing?

Unlike Credit Cards, Direct Debits do NOT settle the same day.  They may take between 3 and 7 days (or even up to 10 days in some rare instances) to settle.

After the Recurring Payment Processor is run in the early hours of the morning, a second processor is run that checks EziDebit to see if the transactions have settled.  Once they do, the status is changed to Payment Complete and the normal receipting and updates processing occurs.

13. Why do I get an Error Message, with Program Area: EziDebitUtil.GetPayments and Subject: ED.GetPayments

The EziDebitUtil.GetPayments is a process that run every morning. It runs 10 times.  This is once of every one of the 10 previous days.

This error log would be an unexpected response from EziDebit.  We can assume that this is a temporary issue with their servers and that it would be rectified shortly.

As the routine goes back over the last 10 days each morning, anything missed  today will be picked up and corrected tomorrow morning.

If this still causes you concern, please contact EziDebit Support and provide them with the approximate date/time.  Perhaps also ask to sign up to their service interruption emails.

14. Why do I get Error Message "Ezidebit API Error (108): Invalid mobile phone number entered" when a card holder does a card update?

The card update screen generally only displays the card details.  Behind the scenes, we also copy information such as phone, mobile onto the Payment Txn record and use some of this as part of the card update/validation.  This is required as part of the card update process.  

The error means that the Recurring Payment, related Contact has an invalid Mobile Phone.  Update the value in this and then try again.

15. Why do I get Error Message "Unknown error found whilst processing Credit Card"

 When you choose to pay via credit card, you are getting the following error “Unknown error found whilst processing credit card"

This is an error response from Ezidebit. Therefore to confirm the issue please try the following:

  1. Close browser and start from scratch
  2. Try testing with different card details
  3. Make sure the mobile entered is valid as EziDebit requires this

If it is still giving the same error then please reach out to EziDebit to get specific reason why error is thrown. Because this response if returned from them. It could potentially be a temporary issue at their end