App Settings shows Broken/Unable to connect icon

1. About broken/unable to connect icon on Lightning Page

  1. Hover over the icon
  2. Then select and copy the URL shown
  1. Click on setup icon
  2. Search "Session Settings"
  3. Click on Menu item "Session Settings"
  4. Click "Add Domain" button

4. Paste Trusted Domain URL

Paste the the URL that you copied in proceeding step of this procedure.  Make sure it begins with "https://".

Select "IFrame Type" of Visualforce Pages

Press "Save" button

Make sure the URL starts with "https://"

5. Locate Lighting Page URL

We recommend opening a new browser Tab at this point as you'll be coming back to the same page with another URL.

Navigate to the Payments2Us Settings Tab.

Copy the URL Upto the first "/"

  • Navigate to session Settings and press Add Domain (See step 4.3 of this procedure)
  • Paste the URL just copied above and save (See step  4.4 of this procedure)

If you see a screen with the broken component that is similar to the screenshot below, then please follow the steps in this procedure.