Merchant Facility - FAQ

1. I already have a merchant facility with another provider, do I need to get a new one?

Yes. Each payment gateway requires their own dedicated Merchant Facility.

2. We already have a Payment Express Merchant Facility, can I use that?

Yes. You should be able to use this, but we may need some changes at the Payment Express end. Please let us know and we will check. Please also be aware that the annual fees are higher for existing Payment Express Customers, but the monthly/per transactions fee may/may not apply.

3. Does your solution work in my country?

Our solution is supported in all countries where the Payment Express payment gateway is available. Please check Payment Express Website – Connectivity Information.

4. Do I need to contact Payment Express?

NO! We resell and include Payment Express gateway as part of our solution and we can therefore manage all aspects that you would need. Should you end up going directly to Payment Express then the annual fees for our solution are at a much higher rate and you wont be able to benefit from our bulk buy rates.

5. I don’t see my bank as a supported Payment Express bank, does that mean I need to switch banks?

No. Please speak with us as there are often other solutions we can use that don’t require you switching banks.

6. My Live Merchant Facility has message "Payments In Test Mode", how do I fix that?

Check that the Environment Field is set to Production, not Sandbox. If this field is not visible, edit your page layout and add it to the Merchant Facility layout

Please note: in earlier releases the Environment appeared under the PayPal section on the Merchant Facility. This field relates to Saleforce Production, not PayPal. We recommend moving it to a more relevant section for user clarity.

7. I tried to start the batch processor and I get the following error: "The Environment type must match the main Payment Gateway user details".

The environment field (previously PayPal environment) and the Payment Gateway Environments in your Merchant Facility need to match. Eg: If you have a sandbox or dev Payment Gateway credentials listed, then the enviroment needs to be set to sandbox, if the Payment Gateway credentials are live, then the enviroment needs to be set to Production, etc.

Note: This Enviroment Field is not referencing and is not impacted on whether the Salesforce instance is in Production or Sandbox . We strongly recommend not using a copied Live Merchant Facility that's been copied across for testing in a Salesforce Sandbox, and the user should removing Payment Gateway credentials and/or make it inactive. Use a Demo facility to test in Salesforce Sandbox settings for testing.

  • Payment Express:
    If the username ends with “Dev” and you have Payment Express as the gateway, the environment must be set as Sandbox.
    If the username DOES NOT ends with “Dev” and you have Payment Express as the gateway, the environment must be set as Production.
  • Stripe:
    If the username starts with “test_” and you have Stripe as the gateway, the environment must be set as Sandbox.
    If the username DOES NOT starts with “test_” and you have Stripe as the gateway, the environment must be set as Production.

You may have multiple Merchant Facilities, you will need to check all of them.  The error message will show regardless of which Merchant Facility you are currently on and trying to start/stop the processor(s).

Starting/Stopping the processors on one Merchant Facility will start/stop all Merchant Facilities.

See below for the validation rule affecting this area.

8. How do I test in Sandbox with my Merchant Facility copy, but make sure it does not start charging cards in my live instance by mistake?

Always proceed with caution when copying your Merchant Facility from Production into a Sandbox. It will copy all information from your live Merchant Facility, including IDs, Usernames and passwords.

We recommend to use a Demo Facility for any testing in Sandbox. This is a facility that has Demo credentials in the Payment Gateway User. You can create one in your Sandbox if there is not one by creating samples following these steps.

Replace the copied Production Org ID only on the Demo Facility, to the Org ID of the Sandbox instance you are in. The processors will not work if these do not match.

Note: The Merchant Facility needs the 18 digit ID, not the 15 digit ID. If you cannot find it, the ID can be converted at this site:

Beware: If a Merchant Facility has the following in either Production or Sandbox, it has the capacity to charge any Credit Cards attached

  1. The Merchant Facility is active.
  2. The Payment Gateway and password are live credentials.
  3. The Salesforce ID on the Merchant Facility matches the Org ID of the instance it is in. Note that it will copy the Production Org ID into the Sandbox so they will not match unless edited.

We recommend the following steps to make sure the Sandbox doesn't accidently start taking live payments.

  1. Use a Demo Merchant Facility for any testing in Sandbox.
  2. Removed the Payment Gateway User Name and/or password off your Live copied Merchant Facilities in your Sandbox
  3. Do not change the Org ID on any Live copied Merchant Facilities in your Sandbox
9. We noticed that recurring payments have stopped being created, but the batch and recurring processors are still on. How do we fix this?

The last user who started the batch/recurring processors must be an active user. If this user is made inactive, then the batch and recurring processor will not run, but the next run times will continue to update.

Have an active user with appropriate permissions (eg: Systems Administrator) to stop both processors and restart them a few seconds later.

There is a workflow that can be activated for when the batch processor is not running to make sure online and manual payments go through the matching process. This workflow does not activate the recurring processor so recurring payments will not be created by this workflow

We strongly recommend having an ongoing staff member with appropriate permissions (eg: Systems Administrator), especially if you have staff change overs to stop this issue from occurring.

Unfortunately, due to Salesforce security requirements, there is currently no workaround for this issue and will need to me managed procedurally.

10. I keep getting the error message "Missing Active Merchant Facility" when I click on the base URL on the Merchant Facility. The active box is ticked, and all access is set up correctly. What's causing this issue?

Things to check:

1. For the sites to work, ONE Merchant Facility needs to have Primary Merchant Facility ticked. This can be a DEMO facility.

2. The Salesforce ID on the Merchant Facility is not the same as the logged in Instance Salesforce ID. You can find this in Setup>Company Information. Make sure these numbers match. You may need to convert a 15 digit ID to 18, this can be done at sites such as . If you need to convert 18 to 15, remove the last 3 digits of the ID.

3. Make sure that your sharing settings have the correct site connected to them. Unfortunately the site cannot be switched once it's created so a new rule with the correct site will need to be created.

11. How do I unblock a blocked IP address/Create a new allowed IP address?

To create a new allowed IP address

  1. Go to the Merchant Facility.
  2. Find the IP address related list and click New.
  3. Enter the IP address, select Allowed on the Access picklist, make sure Active is selected. Click save.

To unblock a blocked IP address

  1. Go to the Merchant Facility.
  2. Find the IP address related and locate the specific IP address record.
  3. Switch the Access picklist from Blocked to Allowed. Click save.
12. Should I used "http" or "https" for my Base Site URL/iframe parameters?

Always use the secure site "https". You can manually add the "s" to your Base Site URL if it needs updating.

Also make sure these check boxes are ticked on your site as well.

13. Is Merchant ID and Merchant Facility the same?

A Merchant Id means a link to the Bank/Merchant Facility.  It is like one username/password.  Organizations  would have multiple merchant id's if they have multiple different bank accounts.

For each Merchant Id, they would need an account with their bank, plus they would need it setup with Windcave (for example). Some organizations might have a Payments2Us Tab "Merchant Facility" multiple times, but using the same payment gateway username/password (Merchant Id).  This is for a number of reasons – e.g. some forms have tax and  others don't.

You can create multiple Merchant Facility and Payment forms for the same Merchant Id .

14. What happens if we make more than 10 form submissions from this IP address in a single day? Will the IP address access record remain in the ‘Allowed’ state because it was whitelisted beforehand on the Merchant Facility? Or will it be set to ‘Blocked’?

If you allow an IP address on Merchant Facility, it will stay there for ever and the  Max Submissions from Single IP will not affect the Allowed IP address. The Allowed should work from the time it is Allowed.

How do I unblock a blocked IP address/Create a new allowed IP address?

15. What will happen if we START/STOP the processors on one of the Merchant Facilities?

Starting/Stopping the processors on one Merchant Facility will start/stop all Merchant Facilities. You only need to press the START/STOP button on one Merchant Facility.