Donations - FAQ

1. Q: What is the difference between the Amount, Donation and Total Amount Fields?

The Amount field is for purchases (event tickets, goods, services, etc.) 

If the Enable Donation option is ticked, there will be the option to an additional donation on top the purchase amount.

The Total Amount is the combination of the Amount and Donation. The Banked Amount should be the same as the Total Amount.

If the Payment Form Type is set to Donation, any payments will be inputed into the Donation Field.

2. When creating a Payment Form for Donations, how do I make sure it will be entered into the Donation field and not the Amount field

When creating a Payment Form for Donations only, make sure that the Payment Type is set to Donation. Any money paid in a transaction using that form will be put into the Donation field instead of the Amount Field. 

3. Is it possible to credit a donation to a company rather than an individual contact?

Yes. On the Payment Txn object there are two fields that can be utilised, Donation by (picklist) and Donation By Name (text). They may need to be added to your page layout(s) if they are not visible.

Donation by has two options, Individual and Company. The Donation by Name is where to put the organisation's name. If company is selected, then the Donation will be accredited to the account, and the payment txn will be matched to the Company, or create an account using the Donation By Name value. The contact can also be soft credited if you have set this up using the Non Profit Starter pack from Salesforce.

These fields can be used on external web payment forms and internal forms and manual payments.

If Company has been selected, the Company Name will appear in the receipt heading as well.  If you wish to change this, you will need to edit the field set for the receipt.

4. Why is Donate Anonymously not showing on the checkout form?

The "Donate Anonymously" field on the My Contact Section is currently available for peer-to-peer forms.  For Peer-to-Peer, the Sidebar Widget that shows previous donations and names will NOT show the name if this checkbox is selected.

There is a Fieldset called- "checkouttransactiondetails" on the Payment Txn object. You can add the Donate Anonymously field on to that Fieldset and then the field will appear on the Transaction Details Section of the form.

When adding the field here, it is used to note the donate anonymous request only and has no further function.

Please make sure to do Refresh the form builder after adding the field to the field set.