Private Account and Contacts FAQ

Check what sharing settings your Accounts and Contacts are set to, your Systems Administrator will need to help you if you do not have full access. 

If they are set to Private, you will need to grant the Site access to the Accounts.

There is a User that is automatically generated when sites are created in your installation process (See Force Sites in the Installation Manual). This profile also needs access to Accounts and Contacts in order to see them on web forms, even if you are the owner of the record. Think of the Site as it's own user. 

Find your Site User profile:

1.Setup > Develop > Sites. Click on your site.

2. Click Public Settings button at the top of the page.

3. Click View Users.

4. The Site profile will be listed with their username. 

Note: You can click into the profile to see more information.

You need to create a Public Group for this User to be in

5. Go to Setup>Manage Users>Public Groups and click the New button

6. Name your group then do a search by Users. Find your Site User and add it to the group. Click Save. 

7. Go to Set up>Administer>Security Controls>Sharing Settings. 

8. Scroll down to Account Sharing Rules and click the New Button.

9. Follow the steps in the table with a name for the rule, which records to share (All Internal Users will select everyone), who to share with (the newly created Site group), and what level of access they have. Click Save.

You will be able to see your sharing rule in the Account Object sharing settings.

10. Check that your contact details appear when you click the Renew button. They should now populate the web form. 

See also: How to set up Private Accounts and Contacts settings