Banking and Reconciliation - FAQ

1. What are the various amount fields on the Payment Txn and how are they used?
  • Amount - This is the amount of the transaction used for non donations.  For example, the membership amount, total of tickets amounts etc.
  • Donation Amount - This is the amount of the donation.  This is applied if the Payment Form - Payment Type is set to donation, or a donation is given with the purchase.
  • Freight - Freight if applicable
  • Surcharge - If this is a credit card transaction and a Surcharge is to be applied, then this is the surcharge amount
  • Tax Amount - Tax amount if applicable (Note, different options exist for this amount to added onto the transaction, or to be included as part of the transaction amount).  All donation portions of the total are tax exempt
  • Total Amount.  This is the sum of all of the above.
  • Banked Amount.  This equals the Total amount if the transaction is at a status of being banked.  This is the field that should be used for bank reconciliation reports
  • Total Amount Charged.  This is the same as the Total Amount, but ONLY if the transaction is a credit card type.