Annual Statements - FAQ

1. PDFs are not being stored against the Contact

Please check all of the following:

  1. PDFs are only created and saved during Generate phase.  They are not generated and saved again when sending
  2. Statements are only generated for Contacts that are Campaign members of the Statement Campaign
  3. If you are on a release prior to 5.4, then you need to disable a critical update for "PageReference getContent() and getContentAsPDF() Methods Treated as Callouts"
    This is done by going to setup (top right), then enter "Critical Update" in the Quick find/search.  Click into "Critical Update" and press the "Deactivate" link next too "PageReference getContent() and getContentAsPDF() Methods Treated as Callouts".  
    If this Critical Update option no longer exists, you'll need to update to a new version.  See the upgrade procedure at: How to perform an upgrade
2. I don't want the membership number to show on the statement header

If you would rather have say "Supporter No." then:

  • On the Campaign you are running the Statements from, click into the Payment Form that you've linked to this Campaign.  Alternatively, go to the Merchant Facility Tab, click into the Merchant Facility, scroll down to the Payment Forms related list and click into the Payment Form that you'd use for your annual statements or the Payment Txn's are linked to.
  • Update the value in the field "Membership Id Label" to be what you would like - e.g. "Supporter No."

If the changing of the label is not what you are after, then you can replace the entire heading.  See How to put your company letterhead on the Receipt Template

3. What are the various Campaign Status's used for

The Campaign Members of the Campaign for will have the Status updated for the various steps.  These are:

  • Statement Generated : This is for the first step where a PDF is generated and stored against the Campaign Members related contact record
  • Statement Send: This is the status initially assigned when a request is made to send (email) the statement to the Contact.  The workflow "Send Annual Statement" is triggered by the Campaign Member Status of "Statement Send" and is the mechanism for emailing the statement.

To manually resend a statement, you could simply change the Campaign Member Status to "Send Annual Statement" and it will send it again.

4. How to I apply a letterhead to an Annual Statement but not change the general letterhead on the Merchant Facility?

Different Letterheads can be applied at the Letter level. Use the following procedure, but apply to the Notes and Attachements on the Letter record.