Payment Gateway - FAQ

1. How can I set the message that appears on the bank statement of the customer?

For customers using the Payment Express payment gateway:

Apart from merchants using the First Data (FDRA) Australian network, the bank specifies what will appear on the customers statements. If you would like a different name to appear on them, then you are best to contact your local bank representative. If you are transacting on the FDRA network, then you will need to inform us what you would like to appear on your cardholder's statements and also inform your bank.

2. Some card types are not working and others are - E.g. Mastercard Credit, Visa Credit are working, but Visa Debit cards are not.
Some card types are not working and others are - E.g. Mastercard Credit, Visa Credit are working, but Visa Debit cards are not.

Option 1.

When you setup your Merchant Facilities, did you get this card type included?  It is normal for Visa/Mastercard to be setup and included, but you will also need a separate Merchant Facility for American Express, Diners Card etc.

If you did get this setup, did you notify that you wish to use this facility and provide the Merchant Info?.  If not, please contact with the details.  Please note, additional Merchant Facilities do attract a once-off/one time setup fee.

Option 2.

Please contact your Merchant Facility provider (bank) and let them know which card types are not working.

AFTER checking with Merchant Facility provider, if have not been able to resolve then please contact

Option 3.

If the issuing bank is say an overseas bank, then it could be that particular bank that is causing the issue.  The card holder will need to contact the bank and ask them to resolve.


3. What Payment Gateways are available to use with Payments2Us?

Currently Payments2Us is availble with:

Wind Cave (formally Payment Express) -

Stripe -

Authorize.Net -

NAB Transact -

If you have any queries regarding other payment gateways, please email

4. Our Payment Gateway is Windcave, how do the different usernames and passwords work?

There are a series different sets of usernames:

  • Payline Account - This is the Windcave portal username that can be used to view all the transactions from within Windcave via
  • PxPost Account - This is the account used to enter into the Payment Gateway UserID field on your Merchant Facility. Enter the password for this account in the Payment Gateway Password field. This is the connection between Salesforce and Windcave. If these credentials are incorrect txns will be declined.

For customers who also use PxPay (Prepay), you will also have:

  • PxPay Account - This is the account used in the the PxPay/PxFusion UserID field. Enter the password for this account in the PxPay/PxFusion Password field.

Things to note:

  • Each username has it's own password. They are unrealated and if any change will not change the other accounts.
  • Changing of passwords for all accounts need to be manually done through Windcave. They cannot be reset within the Payline portal. If you need to reset any passwords contact Windcave via
  • If you reset any passwords, everywhere that uses those credentials will need to be updated
  • Payments2Us does not hold any of your passwords not has the authority to access or reset passwords.
  • When contacting Windcave you will need to quote your Customer Number. If you do not have this contact to retrieve