License Options - FAQ

1. Why do I get an error with Program/Area: BPAYUtil.docreateCRNsPost, Organisation (00Dxxx) does not have BPAY CRN License.

If you would like to generate BPAY Customer Reference Numbers, you will need a license key.  Please contact support @
For more information on BPAY, please see the BPAY section of the User Guide.

If you did not require a license key, but are getting this error, then check:

  • Do you have any Contacts with a value in the BPAY CRN Rule and the Customer Reference Number field is blank.  If so, please remove the BPAY CRN Rule.
  • Do you have any Flows/Process Builders/Workflows/Custom Apex code that are setting the BPAY CRN Rule on the Contact or Payment Txn?  If so, disable those.
  • On all Merchant Facility records, make sure BPAY is NOT selected as a Method of Payment
  • On all Merchant Facility records, make sure the field "Default BPAY CRN Rule" is blank
  • Do you have any Flows or Process Builders are are using the invocable apex "Payments2UsBpayCRNGenerate".  If so, disable these.
2. Can I use my Production License Key in Sandbox?

No, you cannot.

The License Keys are tied to your Salesforce Org Id and these change from Production to Sandbox.

You need to locate your Salesforce Org Id and then send a request for the License Key to support @