System Admin- FAQ

1. How to disable Managed Triggers?

If you wish to disable Payments2us Managed triggers follow the steps below.

Go to Setup->Custom Metadata Types->All Custom Metadata Types->Payments2us Triggers->Click on Manage Records->Edit the Trigger you want to disable. Make your changes and Save.

Select the Trigger you want to disable. For example if you want to disable "accountTriggerHandler", click on Edit. Then select the Disable Triggers check box and Save.

2. What happens when the System Administrator for your organization changes?

When the System Administrator for your organization change and you want the payments to run and authorize you as the user, follow the steps below.

1. Start/Stop Batch Processor and Recurring Payments Processor. Refer FAQ 1


2. Re-authorize the app.

Check the link below

Authorise Payments2Us

3. What are the criteria that must be included while creating Validation Rules on Payment Txn Object?

When creating validation rules always include the condition "AND(   ISPICKVAL(AAkPay__Status__c,"Confirmation"),   NOT(ISPICKVAL( AAkPay__Transaction_Source__c,"Recurring Payment"))" and then add your condition for validation.

Please note: This is for your information and validation rules are not covered by our standard support as they do not come delivered with the product. They are customization as per:


4. Why household Accounts are not created after the Payment Txn changes to Matching Complete  for a new contact in Non Profit Success Pack?

The code for creating the Household Account is completed by the Nonprofit Starter Pack. We create Contact with Account blank and NPSP assigns household account. 

The contact should be setup correctly with the household account. However, the Payment Txn will not have an account linked to it. If you want to have Account linked then you can may be create a process  on Payment Txn object ( Please be careful while using Process builder as it can break things. use criteria Status- "Receipting Complete")