Experience Cloud/Community Portal - FAQ

1. How can I create custom button to make a payment that auto populates the community portal users details?

When creating the custom button, use the $User fields and then insert the Contact ID field.

If you want to add other parameters to the button, eg: use a specific payment form, it can be set up as per regular URL parameters outlined here.

Note: Make sure that your portal users are linked to a contact, otherwise the information will not populate the form.

2. How can I create automatically create a Community Portal/Experience Cloud User for a membership?

You first need to create your Community/Experience Cloud profile.

Then you need to copy the profile name. To do this:

  1. Click on setup cog (top right)
  2. Type "profile" into the quick search
  3. Select "Profiles"
  4. Locate the profile for Community User/Experience Cloud User
  5. Copy the name.  This this case "P2Us Customer Portal Manager"

Whilst in setup:

  1. Click on Object Manager
  2. Type "Contact" into the Quick Find
  3. Click into "Contact"
  1. Click on "Fields & Relationships" tab
  2. Type "portal" into the quick find
  3. Click into "Portal User Profile"

Click "New" button and paste the value copied above from the Profile Name

Set up a Flow that sets the field "Portal User Profile" on the Contact to the profile you would like, plus also sets "Enable Portal User" checkbox.

NOTE, the above is provide for information to help advanced admins.  Should you require further assistance, you'll need to purchase one of our Premium Support options.

3. Why are the components not available or exposed on the Experience Cloud Builder?

If the components for Payments2Us show as dimmed or not available as below, then you will have to turn ON the Lightning Locker toggle button.

Turn ON the "Lightning" locker setting as shown under the "Security & Privacy" menu option.