How to setup DataTools Kleber

Quick Steps:

  1. Sign up for a Kleber API Key through AAkonsult Kleber
  2. Enter key into Merchant Facility and select Google Places as the Address Helper


1. Sign up for Kleber

Payments2Us will not be charging anything additional for the Kleber Integration, providing organisations sing up through the AAkonsult Kleber link.  If you are already a DataTools Kleber customer, then please contact info @ for the Kleber pricing information.

After clicking on  AAkonsult Kleber link, then select the Learn More Tab, followed by "Register" button.

Enter your details in this and the following screen.

2. Setup Kleber API

Click the "Start by Setting up your product link"

3. Copy the Kleber API

Copy the Request key as this needs to be entered into Salesforce Merchant Facility in the next step.

4. Update Salesforce with your Kleber Request Key

Navigate to the "Merchant Facility" Tab in Salesforce. Press GO button and and for Merchant Facility that you wish to have google DataTools Kleber Auto complete enabled update the following:

  1. Set the Address Helper to DataTools Kleber
  2. Update the Address Password/Token to be your Kleber Request key.
  3. Leave the Address Helper URL as blank

Press Save