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How to setup Windcave/Payment Express - PxPay

Payment Express provides a DPS hosted payment gateway called PxPay.  Some banks may prefer this option over the standard Payment Express offering.

1. Obtain your PxPay username from Payments2Us

An email from Payments2Us will provide instructions on how to obtain your password.

3. Select 'Windcave PxPay' from the Payment Gateway drop down menu

4. Enter both passwords

Windcave/Payment Express provides three passwords.

  • Payline: is for your online access to your account.  You can log into this  This is not need by Payments2Us
  • PxPost: is also known as Webservice.  This is used by Windcave for recurring charges and refunds.  This needs to be entered into the (1) Payment Gateway UserId section below
  • PxPay: is the hosted payments form by Windcave.  This username/password combination gets entered into the PxPay/PxFusion (2) area.
    Note, this is normally quite a long password - approx 64 characters.

If you are using your PxPost or PxPay usernames on another site, for example a shopping cart, then we recommend getting a new username/password.  Please contact and we'll arrange to get one setup for you.  Note, fees apply.

5. Whitelist Salesforce

When using PxPay, the page used for capturing the data is actually hosted on the Windcave servers.  To enable this page to be loaded, we need to whitelist Salesforce as it accesses this page.

For Lighting Users click on the setup cog (top right), for Class users click in the setup link (top right)

Search "Session Setting"

Copy the current URL upto and including

Scroll down to the and press the "Add Domain" button.

Paste the URL part previously copied and save.

It is STRONGLY recommended to ensure that nothing stops the processing of a transaction (eg closing a screen before the transaction is complete).

6.1. Login to your Windcave - Payline account and select 'PxPay Customisation'

Login to your Payment Express account and select 'Custom Hosted'

6.2. Scroll down to the 'Results Pag' tab and select 'Disable Result Page (SkipPage2)'

This will ensure that the payment form will return to Payments2Us when the transaction is complete.