Shopify integration is not working.  What can I do?

The most common issue here is a previous test with Shopify.  This has already created a Payment Txn, with Record Type" of "Shopping Cart" and with the field "Reference" having a value.  For most organisation the test Order Number ("Reference") is 100.

To fix, remove/change the reference number and then re-test.


If the above does not solve your issue, please check the following.

Please go to your merchant facility:

  • Check in the License management area that the license key specifies Shopify and that the License Options include Shopify.
  • Also check the expiry date of the License Options.
    Please check your installation. In particular, you’ll have some security settings that are important
  • Created external site
  • Setup Site Security

If you had not completed the above, or made changes, please make sure you follow this process: How to connect your new site to your merchant facility 

Then check your shopify installation. 

  • Make sure your webhook is for order payment
  • Make sure you copy the secret key back into Salesforce

Shopify installation manual

Shopify video: