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What is the Contact Update Processor (contactUpdateProcessor)?

When a new Merchant Facility is created or the "Print Email Receipt" is changed on the Primary and Active Merchant Facility, then a background processor called "contactUpdateProcessor" runs.

This process copies the value in the field "Print Email Receipt" on the Merchant Facility to all Contacts, field - "Print Email Receipt".

This is required as some Workflows/Flows will send Receipts/Reminders/Statements to the Contact. If the Contact does NOT have an email, then the Print Email Receipt will have an internal users email address. The internal person receiving the email will then print of the document and mail out.


The processor updates contact records. This may update Contacts have have invalid data or validation rules. This means the updates are not successful and the Payments2Us Error Log entry is created with the error.If you were to do an edit/save on the Contact record, you would very likely receive the same error message - I.e. This is a data issue in your system and not Payments2Us related.