How do I start or stop the Batch Processor

1.1. Navigate to the Merchant Facility

Navigate to the Payments2Us App

  1. Click on the 9 dots in top Left
  2. Search "Payments2Us"
  3. Click on "Payments2US"

In Salesforce Classic - The Merchant Facility Tab can be found under the "+" at the end of the tabs.

Navigate to list of Merchant Facilities

  1. Click on the Merchant Facility Tab
  2. Click on the down arrow
  3. Select "All Merchant Facilities

Select (3) Active (1) and Primary (2) Merchant Facility (If only one or not primary, then select the first one shown)

1.2. Start/Stop the Batch Processor

The Batch Payments Processors section is about 1/4 of the way down the screen.

  • Press the Button "START" to Start. Note, after starting, the label changes to STOP.
  • If already started, press the "STOP" button to stop. Note, after stopping, the label changes to START.